Installer (64Bit) for Windows Download (.exe) 207 MB
Installer (32Bit) for Windows Download (.exe) 205 MB
Installer for Mac OS X Download (.dmg) 210 MB
Installer for Unix (no JRE included) Download (.sh) 178 MB
BEAM API documentation Download (.zip) 7 MB
BEAM source code (for usage within an IDE only;
for instructions how to build BEAM from source, click here)
Download (.zip) 96 MB
The source code of BEAM can still be retrieved from the GitHub repository GitHub Repository
The GETASSE30 Digital Elevation Model is a composite DEM at 30 arc second resolution (courtesy of Marc Bouvet of ESA/ESRIN). Download (.zip) 308 MB

Note: The format of this DEM is not compatible with the one required by the AMORGOS tool. You can download a compatible version from this ESA page.

Envisat Product Reader API for C (epr_api) comprises ANSI-C source code and API documentation. The API can be used to open Envisat MERIS and AATSR N1-files and to use the data in your C-programs. The latest source code can be obtained from the GitHub repository either as repository clone or as zip file. GitHub Repository
PyEPR is a python binding for the epr_api. It is provided as python package by courtesy of Antonio Valentino. Web page
“We are looking back on 12 years of pleasure and fun developing BEAM.”